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A band of Soulful Wizards and Queens from all over the world centered in Los Angeles.  Created with the intention for ascension and unity by artist/producer Joel Van Dijk.  Special Force is a blend of influences, with elements of World Music, Funk, Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz, and Rock that we dub "Wizard Soul"

A blend of the sacred and the funky


Musicians on "99one"

Joel Van Dijk- Vocal, Production, Guitar, Banjo, Bass, Programming

Leah Van Dijk - Vocal

Joseph Gonzales - Bass

Bennie Rodgers II - Drums

Rocio Marron - Violin & Viola

Adam Berg - Rhodes & Synth

Peter Dyer - Therevox

Anas Canon - Programming & Additional Production

Jake Jamieson - Programming

Chris Bautista - Trumpet

Lemar Guillery - Trombone

Neel Agrawal - Tabla

Shane Chunephisal - Crystal Bowls & Tuning Forks

Lost Midas - Vocal

MUDLux - Vocal

Tara King - Vocal

Baraka Blue - Guest Vocals on "Rise Up"

Wafeek - Guest Vocals on "99one"


Mixed and Produced by Joel Van Dijk

at Manifest Music in Santa Monica, CA

Original Artwork adapted from works by Rayland Felts

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by Special Force